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from Goo, Buckshot and the Kid (The Fearsome Threesome)

Over The Shoulder?

I have a little theory behind this one. I'll betcha that guy standing up, we'll call him Kenneth, is your classic over the shoulder looker. Yeah, judging by the reaction of the fella in the glasses, we'll call him Rocko, Kenneth is always pulling this crap. Rocko just seems to have that look of "damn it Kenneth, would you mind? You're always looking over everybody's shoulder. Don't you realize how annoying that is? Why can't you just mind your own business?" And then there's the lady in the foreground, we'll call her Bernice, who looks like she just put her arm up over the top of some documents as if to keep those documents from Kenneth's prying eyes. She's probably thinking to herself, "What's with this freakin Kenneth guy? Always snooping around." And then there's the other woman, we'll call her Betsy. I don't know what the story is with Betsy but she seems to be in some kind of a trance or something. She's just kinda like frozen there, staring off into space. Maybe Kenneth is behind it. I wouldn't put it past that jerk to try and hypnotize her just so she wouldn't be able to notice him looking over her shoulder. In fact, I'll bet he tried to hypnotize them all, but you know how that goes, not everybody is susceptible to hypnosis. So that's the deal with this picture from what I can gather.

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Random Strange Thoughts from the Kid

I think that if I was a bull Id be mighty tempted to just meander into some random china shop, but instead of breaking stuff, I would be real cautious and very calmly browse around. Then, after a few minutes, Id make a small purchase and exit uneventfully.

They say that the early bird gets the worm. Well, to tell you the truth, I think Id just as soon not have the worm anyway. I mean, what the hell am I gonna do with a freakin worm. Just let me sleep, damn it!

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Random Thoughts from Goo Goblins

You ever be sitting in a board meeting while a District manager is rambling on and you decide it would probably be a real good idea to slowly creep up behind him, and then dive on top of him hugging him saying You make so many wonderful points, I just want to snuggle with you, my Mr. Smarty Man.

They say ants are supposed to be so strong in relation to their size, thats why I always pick fights with them. Think About It?

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Random Thoughts from Buckshot the Bandit

Most sayings make sense to me and most of the ones I have had questions about have been cleared up by the Kid, but what the hell does rule of thumb mean. Is it that before evolution we where ruled by a giant king thumb and what ever legislation he passed was called a "rule of thumb". This line of reasoning raises another question. Did this giant king thumb have small thumbs on his hand like we do today because if he did not how the hell did he ever sign the proposed rules. Maybe he just rolled some red paint on his face and head butted the paper. After a successful head butting of a new "rule of thumb" I imagine that the red-faced king thumb and all the other thumbs in the kingdom gathered and celebrated with sparklers and Sunny D.

If someone makes you nervous and that person asks you "Do I make you nervous?" Most normal people would say "No, of course not." Now you're screwed because you're double nervous and you know that they are onto you.

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